Ultrasonic Cavitation
A seated massage focusing on the shoulders, neck, scalp, face & ears.

Champissage Therapy

Massage Therapy has been practiced in India for over 1000 years. It is an alternative medicine massage that focuses on the head, shoulders, neck, upper back, and arms. It helps to detox your body by stimulating lymphatic drainage, relieving stress, tension, stiffness, headaches, and migraines.

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Jody Reid Co Founder

Jody Reid

Champissage Massage Spcialist

What does Calm Surrender offer?

Calm Surrender offers so many different alternatives and balanced healing methods. Read on for some of the different treatments available.

Treatment Benefits

Qualified Champissage Practitioner performs a seated massage focusing on the shoulders, neck, scalp, face & ears. Enjoy the many health benefits this traditional massage has to offer. Some of the benefits include relief from insomnia & mental tiredness, increased relaxation, loosening of the muscles in the neck, shoulders & scalp, the release of anxiety, clearer thinking, balancing of chakra energy.

Releases muscular tension

Improves blood circulation and lymphatic flow

Elimination of toxins

Overall relaxation and stress release

Lowers blood pressure

Stimulates hair growth

The session is 30 mins
The cost is $70 per session.

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