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Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy, also known as Low-Intensity Laser Therapy (LILT), or Cold Laser, etc. is a light-based technology proven to be highly effective in the treatment of musculoskeletal problems and wound healing.

The BioFlex Laser utilizes scientifically developed and clinically tested protocols that maximize the effectiveness of treatment to reduce inflammation, stimulate the body’s immune system, and facilitate the natural healing process to reduce symptoms associated with medical problems, particularly pain.

FDA and Health Canada approved.

Laser Therapy Specialists

Jody Reid Co Founder

Jody Reid

Bioflex Laser Technician

Ultrasonic Cavitation

Nancy Dowson

Bioflex Laser Technician

What does Calm Surrender offer?

Calm Surrender offers so many different alternatives and balanced healing methods. Read on for some of the different treatments available.

Treatment Benefits

BioFlex Laser Therapy is a safe and drug-free therapy that has been scientifically developed and clinically tested in order to resolve existing clinical pathologies. This results in healing at the cellular level. Logically, as one would expect, pain and other symptoms are modulated or disappear.
Clinical Effects of Laser Therapy

Alleviates pain and other symptoms

Reduces need for pharmaceuticals

Improves mobility


No adverse effects

Acceleration of healing

Achieve the best patient clinical outcomes with BioFlex Laser’s two-step approach! Learn about the gold standard of care to fight pain in various acute & chronic conditions. Manufactured In Canada.

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Why Laser Therapy?

The BioFlex Professional Laser Therapy System offers clinicians the highest clinical success rates with predictable, reliable, and reproducible results.


I’m a pretty active 59 year old male. I recently began experiencing gout like symptoms- tenderness, swelling and pain- in my right big toe joint. It hurt to walk, throbbed at night and even the weight of the blankets were uncomfortable. In consultation with my doctor, the regular treatment for the big toe would include anti-inflammatory medication. I have a pre existing medical issue that currently requires me to take a blood thinner so this ruled out regular pain relievers and gout type treatments. As an alternative the doctor prescribed Prednisone to use when I felt the symptoms coming on. From what I read about Prednisone it seems like a pretty harsh medication. My condition seemed to be chronic in that the swelling and pain would fluctuate but never really go away. It felt like I constantly had a “stubbed” big toe! In my search for alternative treatment I was referred to the staff at Calm Surrender who practice Bio flex laser therapy. After 3 treatments I noticed a big improvement. The swelling was greatly reduced as well as the pain. After 10 treatments my toe joint seems to be back to normal. The swelling is gone and there is no pain. I will continue with periodic maintenance treatments as this seems to have solved my condition. I particularly like the fact that it’s non-invasive and I don’t need to take medications for my condition. Thank you to the excellent staff at Calm Surrender!


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